but momma, it wasn't my bullet... (blackboxboi) wrote in coffeehaus,
but momma, it wasn't my bullet...

Check out MY Poetry/Album Sites!!

I have two different diaries on Free Open Diary.

The First One, "IKILLEDHEIDI" consists of poetry that I either write at the spur of the moment or that are from my collections of analogies that I have kept for over four years that I have written.

Starfucker in Space! (my poetry collection)

The Second One, "HI_" I just recently set up about a week ago that will feature songs that I will be writing and hoping to put onto a poetry album (spoken word) ni the future because I had released a demo tape called "DEEP 6IN'" but it flopped.
Sadly. Here is the link to this one.

Agent RAP: Tragedy Finally Strikes! (the new album)

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